At Design A Shed, we make the best Timber Sheds , Cubbies and Pet Enclosures, by hand, in Melbourne.

We use simple materials like natural timber and Colorbond steel.

We only use solid timber for that classic, solid look and that unmistakable character.

We also make kits for Bicycle storage

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Special Offers Long Warranty Timber Sheds Made in Melbourne


We're a small business here at Design A Shed. We don't have huge factories all over the country, or lots of franchises.
We're a small family business, in a small factory in Fairfield in Melbourne and we make every cubby and shed individually by hand.

When you support small businesses, you're not helping a CEO buy his third holiday home. You're helping a little kid get dance lessons or their team jersey, you're helping a mum and dad put food on the table.

Thank you.

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