Standard Kennel

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  Extra Large, Large and Medium

keep your dog comfortable and dry


 Extra Large
Note: the roof does not flip open on the Extra Large model (only Medium and large)
Medium and Large
The roof opens for easy access Medium
compact and stylish





Medium:    Price: $405 Flat-packed (or $455 pre-assembled)

  • 650 wide x 900 long and 500 min internal height
  • opening width: 265mm
  • opening height: 490mm

Large:    Price: $455 Flat-packed (or $505 pre-assembled)

  • 850 wide x 1100 long and 760 min internal height
  • opening width: 370mm
  • opening height: 655mm

Extra Large:    Price: $550 Flat-packed (or $600 pre-assembled)

  • 900 wide x 1200 long and 1020 min internal height
  • opening width: 390mm
  • opening height: 760mm
  • Note: due to the size of the roof, it does not flip open.

All come flat-packed. Easy assembly.
Roof colour:  Factory mix  (or choose your own for $50)