Bicycle sheds


All our cat runs and most of our cubbies can be modified to house chickens.

Have a look at our CATS pages or our CUBBIES pages to see our models.

We add 4 x nesting boxes  and a perch  to help them climb (included in the price)

We also provide a feed box (big enough for 50kg of pellets / grain) (also included in the price)

And if you want, we can install an trap-door for egg collection ($90)

The pictures below show you some examples of what we have done for clients.

A special thanks to the nice folks of Edgar's Mission ( for displaying our creations.


Huckleberry and Jake cubbies, modified                                           Jake cubby, modified


 Jake cubby, modified                                                                      Huckleberry, thank you Edgar's MissionModified shedM


Happy chickens                                                                                Chicken paradise


  Modified shed (1.8 x 2.4m)                                                                                                  Nesting boxes, perch and trap door


Modified Weatherproof cat Enclosure (WP - 2.4x1.8x2.3) with nesting boxes, feedbox and perch


 All prices for chicken coops are based on either cat runs or cubbies. Please see the respective pages for details. Or call us on (03) 9489 4377