A little bit of care  will go a long way to ensure that your cubby brings years of fun to the family!

 We recommend that you paint, stain or oil your shed, cubby or pet enclosure within 2 weeks of receiving it.

The sheds, cubbies, or pet enclosures should be placed on compact flat level ground.

Slabs are not necessary. They can be placed directly on the ground if you use our optional floors. Talk to us for more information.

The cubbies and pet enclosure are made using pine palings. As long as the timber is protected (paint, stain, oil) it will cope well with normal backyard conditions.

Water or strong humidity should not be allowed to stay in contact with the walls.

The cubbies sit on orange tongue flooring. We use treated pine bearer under the flooring.  That allows the cubby to be installed directly on the ground.

Please Note!!

Unique and individual markings may appear on timber and should not be considered as defects. Instead they give wood a unique identity which enhances its natural beauty.

The timber we use also has saw marks and sometimes a robust roughness that belies its humble origin.

It is however fit for purpose, and as the little girl said when her dad patched the knot hole:" Daddy, that was my spy hole!"