Bicycle sheds

Elevated cubbies

We offer 2 types of elevation:

  • 300mm elevation: makes the cubby stand out. Very elegant. Nice height to sit.
  • 1500mm elevation: great with a slide or a rock wall. Enough room for a sandpit underneath, or use the space to store bikes, or for the dogs, or chicken?...

  • they all come with the appropriate steps / ladder. Safety railings are included in the 1500mm elevation. Handles and accessories available as extras.

The pics below show some examples.
Of course, feel free to contact us on (03) 9489 4377 should you have any question.

Huckleberry elevated 300 mm    Jake elevated 300mm  Huckleberry elevated 300mm


Jake with accessories                 Snoopy with accessories                 Jake with Slide