Hi, JF here.

The Victorian Government's stunning incompetence continues to affect many in Victoria.
Covid 19 is real.
Covid 19 is serious.
It needs a proper response and a solid strategy not only to fight it today, but to live with it for years to come.
It needs openness and honesty from the government because there can be no togetherness without these.

The Victorian Government's actions have caused untold damage to people and businesses.
Under this government, over 800 people have died unnecessarily with a smug premier blaming us, Victorians, for his failures. Every attempt to get the truth was obfuscated and blocked by him.
Today still, he does not know who was in charge of the Hotel Quarantine debacle.
Yet he assures us that he is ultimately responsible and the buck stops with him.

One must question if the response to the very real Covid 19 situation in Victoria had more to do with strengthening power for a premier with delusions of grandeur rather than doing what the science was saying.
We have seen an explosion in police powers and any dissent has been crushed in the name of lock-down laws.

Victoria deserves better.
daniel andrews must go.